DIY Hand Stamped Key chain

DIY Hand Stamped Key chain

I’m sure you’ve seen these simple but totally awesome handstamped keychains EVERYWHERE and maybe you thought that you couldn’t create one without having to invest tons of money.  



It might be that some of you may not may not want to invest in all of the supplies shown below but there is a resource that can do most of the work for you and you can still  create tons of these babies for all your friends, neighbors, family, and yourself. But BEWARE: it’s fun and very addicting.

And…this is just the beginning. After you find out how easy it is, you will be a HANDSTAMPING MACHINE; stamping  necklaces, backpack pulls, golf ball markers, bracelet charms, earrings, love tokens, wine glass markers…

and list goes on and on ♥

Stamping Out Loud offers plain discs in either brass, aluminum, nickel silver, or copper that has pre-stamped designer images already on the disc along with a accurately placed hole for your jump/split ring. Like I mentioned earlier, you might want to get a few of their designer-stamped discs along with a pack of plain ones to give them a whirl. Their Variety packs are a great deal. I would recommend aluminum as a beginner.

♥ So, let’s get started ♥

Here is what you will need:

supplies for keychain

1. Steel bench block. I have a 4″ rubber pad glued to the bottom of mine to reduce noise

2. 1″ Aluminum Disc but you can use  any size or color of metal found at

3. Design stamp. I’ve used a solid heart stamp.

4. Brass Hammer to protect your expensive stamps. I buy mine here because they are cheap!

5.  Jewelry Alphabet Stamps

6. Sharpie Marker or any other permanent marker.

7. Fine Steel Wool.

8. Split Rings in 2 different sizes.

9. Hole Punch Pliers or you can purchase your blanks with your holes already punched to save you the expense of having to purchase your own pliers.



So here’s what I did:

step by step keychain

Step 1: Stamp Designer stamp towards bottom of disc and punch hole as straight above it as possible. You could use a sharpie to place a dot where you would like the heart and the hole

Step 2: Stamp Name straight across. If you want to learn a little more about how to stamp, click here to see this awesome post.

Step 3: Color the stamped areas with your permanent marker making sure to get inside all the indentions.

Step 4: Clean the entire surface with steel wool. You can clean the piece until it’s super bright or leave a little of the black to give it that rustic look.

Add your split rings and a key and enjoy!


Enjoy creating…..