Wendy Duggan LLC, dba Stamping Out Loud specializes in Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver (aka Alpaca Silver or German Silver), and tarnish free aluminum jewelry stamping blanks, quality ball chain necklaces, and many other stamped jewelry supplies.

We start out with large sheets of raw metal that’s then sheared down to smaller strips. This enables us to perform our unique manufacturing process which includes deburring all silhouette die cut shapes.

All of our split rings, ball chain necklaces, stamping discs
and blanks are manufactured in the USA!

The previous owners began virtual sales in 2009 and proudly was the very first independent supplier to offer their stamping blanks deburred. Moving forward to today, Stamping Out Loud wishes to remain the primary source of the true deburred stamping blank. Come see for yourself why we stand above the competition.

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