Create an Inspiring Studio

We have almost 150 pins on our Pinterest Craft room board but too many of them consist of sewing rooms or scrapbooking rooms and very little contain actual jewelry studios.

You wanna know why?

Jewelry Studios are not as pretty and cute as the typical craft room and who wants to see ugly acetylene tanks

and blackened fire bricks, brass hammers, and steel wool and such? The key here is to not expect perfection.

Jewelry studios have lots of unpleasant looking tools and supplies.

It’s your job to find clever ways to “hide” these unsightly things when not in use.

Consider these 3 things when creating your dream space:

1. GET OVER trying to make it look perfect.

2. Find clever ways to hide supplies

3. Don’t try to do it all at once.  You will find that you will have to change things numerous times in order for it to finally work for you.

Here is an example of some of my penny jars. I use pennies in my jewelry designs and for making personalized key chains.

I organize all of my pennies by year so it’s super easy to just walk up to the stack and grab what I need.

Penny Jars

Here are some awesome ways to use kitchen canisters to hide the ugly stuff…

like steel wool, split rings, jump rings, ect.

Check out the old spice jar carousel; fantastic way to organize your blanks!

Crafty organizers

No matter what size space (or budget) you have, you can have that beautiful jewelry studio where you will feel inclined to create.

Here is Lacy’s studio completely empty. It use to be a 3 car garage.

Lacy's Empty Studio

Then here is Dean’s Empty studio. This is where all the millions of stamping blanks come from when you order from Stamping Out Loud.

Dean's Empty studio

A studio doesn’t have to be a giant 3 car garage or a guest house in the back yard;

It can be a spare bedroom, or a linen closet, or maybe just inside of a piece of furniture.

Here are some great examples of some very beautiful-yet functional jewelry studios to inspire you.

This pink and white camper would be great under a shady tree in the back yard.

tiny pink camper

I envision this beautiful space as a add-on room to the side of the garageor maybe it’s an over-sized laundry room

walk in closet craft room

She looks proud and I would be too. This use to be her garage! Amazing!

garage turned cottage

This one is my all time favorite!

garden shed jewelry studio

And last but not least……

A totally awesome cabinet that can be closed up when no in use.

tv cabinet turned craft closet

So, are you inspired yet?