Aluminum jewelry? Yes!

Aluminum jewelry? Yes!

Did you know that when Aluminum first was offered for sale in the early 1800’s that it was more expensive than GOLD or even PLATINUM?  In fact, it was called “THE METAL OF KINGS“.

Moving forward to 2013, Aluminum is one of the most popular metals used in the world; things like bicycles,  eyeglass frames, soda cans, doors, watch parts, additives in paint, and yes, our favorite…


You can hammer it, stamp it, dye it, paint it, shine it, texturize it, YOU NAME IT!

Aluminum is awesome! It’s lightweight, extremely affordable, and very easy to work with. It looks very, very, similar to sterling silver and makes a great practice  material.  It doesn’t tarnish, oxidize, and is hypoallergenic.  One thing it isn’t is magnetic.

Whether it be our aluminum stamping blanks or matching aluminum ball chain, you won’t be unhappy with the quality of Stamping Out Loud supplies.

With aluminum being so popular as it is today, we often wonder if it’s going to turn into a high commodity as it once was. Most likely not, but it’s fun being able to have such an awesome product for just a tiny fraction of what it once cost.