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Rounded Cross Metal Design Stamp by ImpressArt


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Rounded Cross Metal Design Stamp

Rounded cross metal design stamp for your jewelry stamping needs. These designer jewelry stamps are used to stamp on wide selection of deburred stamping blanks. ImpressArt metal stamps are precision-cut from hardened steel and are designed to last project after project. ImpressArt tests their stamps regularly to assure their products have a sufficient rockwell hardness and are perfectly aligned.

You will not be disappointed by the quality of an ImpressArt jewelry stamp. As a jewelry stamper myself, I appreciate the fact that these ImpressArt stamps are square vs. round. This simple, yet effective, design allows jewelry stampers to secure a uniform grip on all ImpressArt stamps. This promotes productivity and efficiency as you can quickly switch between stamps without having to keep guessing if the stamp is straight or not.

Important! All designer jewelry stamps need to be used with a brass hammer.

Stamp Specifications

  • Design: Rounded Cross
  • Size: Approximately 6mm
  • Manufacturer: ImpressArt

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